Sentosa Spa Luxembourg – Location, Address and Phone Number

Sentosa Spa Luxembourg
24 Bohey, 9647 Wanseler, Luxembourg

Sentosa, a private wellness area, a break of comfort and luxury in your day

In a sumptuous setting, Sentosa (an island of Singapore meaning “peaceful” in Malay) offers you an opportunity to meet, as a couple or with friends, in a space designed to immerse yourself in well-being . Practicing a subtle blend of rituals from the East and the South of Africa borrowed from ancestral traditions of regions where massages are a real art of living, you will benefit from a personalized welcome.

It is a true haven of peace which will offer you a parenthesis of comfort and luxury in your day. A magical moment of relaxation and gentleness to be shared in complete privacy. We have 2 private wellness areas, as well as 2 treatment areas (you can take advantage of all our facials, massages and treatments also as a duo!).

Highly qualified staff will guide you to an intoxicating universe of absolute pleasure using products that are bio-identical to your biology (100% natural) to strengthen the integrity of your skin, while preventing premature aging: Africology products. Products that were inspired by the legendary wisdom of Africa’s healers. Products that promote the elimination of toxins and the remineralization of tissues. Luxury products in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

We are located at the gates of  Luxembourg, 10 minutes from Bastogne , a wide range of hours is available to you to best adapt to your schedule. Do not miss this opportunity to escape the daily pressure, come and escape to Sentosa Spa Privatif , you will not regret it.