Imperial Spa Singapore – Location, Address and Phone Number

Imperial Spa Bukit Timah Road
184 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229854
Imperial Spa Jalan Kayu
263 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799491

Step into a different world of bygone royal grandeur. An elegant rich-culture environ of serene, balanced harmony and positive energy, with tranquil folk music and floral fragrance to awaken all your senses. And a touch of Imperial renewal for your body and mind, relieving your stress from the chaotic mainstream of fast-paced hectic life outside.

At Imperial, you can relive a traditional culture of holistic secrets to revitalize and invigorate body and mind for longevity and inner happiness, in an oasis for healing and rejuvenation.

With our professional massage therapists, you can escape to a sanctuary experience like never before, on your journey at Imperial of being cared for with heartfelt courteous service, from start to finish. Indulge in various Imperial massage selections, covering from head to toe, in luxurious pampering comfort and style. All at an affordable price.

So, come and celebrate “The Good Life” at Imperial Spa, to revive your youthfulness and energise your passion. As often as you can.